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Warbot.io | Warbotio

About Warbot.io 

There are three different game modes in Warbot.io.

  • Last One Standing
  • Survival Mission
  • Free for All

Choose the mode you want to play in and get ready to attack your opponents. Control a robot and eliminate other robots in the game. Collect the power-ups to become stronger. Come up with a new strategy and defeat other players in the game. When level up you gain more weapons. Use the gold to buy stronger robots. Upgrade your robot, eliminate enemies and survive as long as possible.
Warbot is available on different platforms including iOS, Android and desktop browser.

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How to Play Warbot.io

  • Use left click to shoot
  • Press W, A, S, D to move
  • Press space bar to use a booster
  • Use right click to the lock the camera view