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If you are a song addict, then SongTrivia is a game for you. It is an amazing addictive multiplayer gamer, in which you have to guess the song or artist’s name from thousands of songs played. Play the game with online players and be the first one to answer.

Select the level and genres to earn coins. You can also purchase bonuses to choose lifelines like double chance or remove an answer. Furthermore, you can also invite your friends to play SongTrivia. Play the game and prove that you are a song freak and are the champion in this game. It is a kind of blind song test.

So, if you are a real music fan, then play the game right now.

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How to Play

  • Choose your preferred music genre from Rock, Pop, or Latino. But you have to collect 500 coins to choose these genres.
  • Use the mouse to select the song or artist name.