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Sketchful is a multiplayer drawing game with different objects. In the beginning, a player gets a word that he needs to paint. Other players in the game would have to identify the word he drew. Identify as fast as you can and earn more. The game is entertaining and would make you busy for hours. It also features brush sizes, different colors, and other interesting tools to fill the entire background. The players who knows the answer would type it into the group chat. The bot will automatically detect the first correct answer and would award the points. Are you ready to test your skills? The game has three modes to start with:

Free for all that lets you play 3 rounds with anyone in the world.
A custom game that lets you custom the game with any settings.
Practice Mode lets you play a game with a time limit.

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How to Play

  • Use mouse to navigate
  • Press B for brush
  • Press C for clear the screen
  • Press E for erase
  • Press Z for undo