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Microgravity.io | Microgravityio
Microgravity.io | Microgravityio

About Microgravity.io

Microgravity is an awesome game in which you fight against other players in outer space to create civilizations on planets. Collect as many resources as you can and build cities while maintaining your demand and supply to create a powerful colony.

Each planet you travel around has its own gravitational field that will attract you towards the center. Find a suitable planet and start creating factories for the production of weapons. Attack other players and try to snatch their planets. Enjoy the game and have fun. Also don’t forget sharing this microgravity with your friends.

How to Play Microgravityio

  • Use mouse to aim on the target
  • Use Q to change weapon
  • Use shift to boost
  • Use right click to fly, and left click to shoot