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About Merc Zone:

Merc Zone is a first-person game. All the players start the game from the combat zone, which is designed with hyper-modern technologies. This is the most action-packed stylish suit and tie shooter game that you will find on the internet. 

A player can choose to play any of the five classes in the game. These five classes are – Cochese (stealth), Bingo (sniper), Crazy Ed (gunner), Ogre (heavy), and Brock (assault). New maps and classes are added regularly to make the game more intense. Along with that several features are added to the roadmap to make it interesting and intriguing.

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How to Play Merc Zone

  • Move-in the game by using W, A, S, and D buttons.
  • Use space bar to jump. 
  • To switch weapons, scroll the mouse or press the E button. Press the right mouse button to aim down straight. 
  • To shoot an enemy use the left mouse button. 
  • To use the grenade, press G on the keyboard. Reload the weapons by pressing R. 
  • While moving, in case you need to crouch press C or Shift. 
  • To interact with other players press F.To win this multiplayer game a player needs to kill all other players in the combat zone. You can earn chain kill streaks and bounties from all over the world.