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This is a third-person shooter game, where you play as a virtual robot in an arena filled with other players. Choose to play the player versus player deathmatch mode or defend your base in co-operation with other players from the horde in the mode called co-operative zombies mode.

The deathmatch mode is 5 minutes long and the player with the highest points will be declared as the winner.  You can pick weapons, health pickups around the map. Weapon shooting lowers the energy level of the player, which could be refilled after some time. Deploy towers are helpful which automatically shoot enemies nearby.

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How to Play

  • Use W, A, S, D keys to move in the game. 
  • To kill an opponent, move the mouse and aim at the player and click the right or left key to shoot.
  • For Gamepad use the right analog stick to aim and press any button to shoot. 
  • For touch screen drag in any direction to make your character move and tap any one location to shoot.