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About is an excellent 2-D shooter game in which you will need power-ups to defeat other players. In the beginning, you will be empty-handed so, it might be difficult for you to find equipment at first. Don’t worry; start finding equipment and game will become easier. The game targets to kill everything that comes on your way. It can be played solo or with online players. Collect weapons, armor, and attack other players. You can also improve your character with force fields, helmets, and shields. Use map wisely to see the enemies and win the match. The game is released in May 2019.

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Features of

  • You can change the color of the character
  • The game can be played on a full screen.
  • It has several weapons and equipment to use

How to Play

  • Use W A S D to move
  • Use mouse to shoot
  • Use Left click to aim and right-click to open doors
  • Press F to pick up items
  • Use M to see map