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About or Gatsio

Gats is a shooting game that offers the different range of weapons and equipment. Control your character and fight with other online players to gain points. Plus you can change your armor type to increase or slow the speed. Collect as many points as you can to unlock your special abilities.

How to Play

Before you start the game choose your color, armor, and weapon, hit PLAY
Press W, A, S, D or arrow keys to make your character move.
Click left mouse button to shoot
R to reload
Spacebar to use advanced power up

Strategy to Play | Gatsio

Once anyone run out of ammo, will have to reload, pay more focus on the opponents when they have no ammo left, take advantage and gain points. The game server supports the max of 64 players. The map will be set accordingly to the people on the server. There are 3 perk tiers. Earn 100 points and unlock 1tier, 300 points unlock 2nd tier and 600 unlock the last tier.

Note:- Small weapons and armor allow you to move quickly.

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