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Feudal Wars
Feudal Wars

About Feudal Wars

The game aims to destroy the enemy and to capture the castles. Feudal wars let you occupy castles, build barracks and to train soldiers for a fight. Start with small army and castles, and use your knights to capture more castles. Earn gold and use it to purchase watchtowers, walls, and archery ranges.

Check around the mini-map to know about the other player status. If any player occupies the castle, the color will change on the map. Build walls and towers, archery and buildings for soldiers.
Make sure that you upgrade the buildings for more units. Move mouse over the buildings and upgrade it.

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How to Play Feudal Wars

  • Use right click to send units to a point on the map
  • CTRL-A will select military units
  • Press TAB to know the status of the current players