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About Ev.io

Ev.io is a multiplayer game that is played in an arena designed by using futuristic patterns. Inside the game, there are multiple tactical-level designs. A player can use weapons like rocket launchers, sniper rifles, etc. The weapons are scattered around the map. To use against enemies different weapons can be used on the battlefield to avail the advantage over other players. The abilities that a player can use are teleportation, tree covering jump height, and more. The levels in this game are inspired by science fiction.

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How to Play Ev.io

  • At the start, you will be given a default weapon. You can swap the default weapon with another one by using the abilities page.
  • Use the architectural structures to hide from your enemies. 
  • Attack enemies by jumping on them from the top place.
  • To reach a top place you can use the double or triple jump ability of the character.
  • Aim at the opponent players with the help of your mouse then either click the right key or left key of the mouse to shoot.