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Survive in the world full of threats and challenges in Become a stalker in the post-apocalyptic world and collect wood, food, stone, and other materials to create weapons for the survival and to fight with other players in the game. Build a shelter to protect yourself, keep a watch on indicators like water and energy to survive long in the game.

If you have learned how to collect food, the next step is to learn how to craft a fire on cold days and night. Don’t forget to light up fire during the night. Beware of the radiation wherever you go, it might kill you. You can expect radiation to surprise you at any moment. So be alert in the game and don’t give radiation any chance to kill you. Go ahead, go strong and become the leader of the

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How to Play

  • Use left click to hit
  • Use M to view the map
  • Use W, A, S and D keys to move
  • Use the Shift key to speed up
  • Use C to Craft