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If you love communicating with people, then AntWar is an interesting game for you. Keep your eye on the queen and communicate with others to save her. In the beginning, choose from two options: Join the existing colony or start a new colony. Grow your colony while contacting your fellow members. If you are starting a new colony, you will be the queen.

Find the good spot so that you can easily grow it further. Start by digging out dirt and placing eggs for more ants to feed on them. Feed the queen when she is hungry (you will see a white sign). While building the colony beware of the predators wandering around the surface. Kill the enemy queens and win the game.

Recommended games: Evadesio, Slitherio Unblocked, Bonkio.

Tips: Dig out and keep your queen safe from the entrance so that she will not be attacked instantly by the enemies.

Try to make tunnels as large as you can so that ants can get easily through it.

How to Play Antwario

  • Use W, A, S, D t move
  • Use Ctrl. Press down and left click to open the command menu
  • Use double click for attacking, and food picking