Airport Clash 3D



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About Airport Clash 3D

It is an interesting shooting game from the makers of Subway Clash 3D. The game plot is set at an abandoned airport. A few planes are grounded that can be used as a cover when you are fighting with enemies. You can also use simple weapons like a knife to fight against enemies. Make sure that you have little damage and a good score.

Kill more players and unlock new weapons. Also, you can unlock heads for different characters. Customization in the game adds excitement level of the gameplay. Keep a check on your scores from the leaderboard and improve your abilities to defeat opponents.

Use weapons like Gatling gun to kill the opponents. Use weapons wisely to win facemasks and to add your name to the top of the leaderboard. Select a range of weapons and characters to fight for survival. Use the area to hide behind the stranded airplanes when you search for the other players (enemies).

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How to Play Airport Clash 3D

  • Press C to crouch
  • Use W A S D keys or arrow to navigate
  • Use the right mouse button to zoom
  • Use space bar to jump
  • Use TAB to see stats