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About Voxiom.io

Do you know that Voxiom.io is a three-dimensional multiplayer first-person voxel game with fully explorable maps that you can play in the actual environment? Classic games like Minecraft, Fortnite, Counter-Strike, and Call of Duty were used as inspiration for the matchup. It has a continually changing inventory. You can use the manufacturing framework to make and upgrade weapons and frames.

The game comprises two main gameplay modes: grab the jewels and fight highlander. To win, participants must intelligently construct, design, and aim.

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How to Play Voxiom.io

  •  Each person is given five ammunition slots, backpack tokens, and slots in the Hotbar. 
  •  Arms are divided into five tiers: Ordinary, Unusual, Unique, Extraordinary, Spectacular, and Iconic. Its color indicates each gun’s level.
  • Use the F key or the right mouse click to target low vision and to enhance efficiency.
  •  In Voxiom.io, the growing block does have its range of attributes. A few of the blocks are significantly more challenging than others. Ore blocks are unique in that they release jewels that you could be used in forging. Trying to craft will improve weapons.
  •  A few of the systems create good rewards than the others. While carrying a block, use the right-click to turn to walls style to position blocks in series. Enter the Discord server to communicate with other members of the group and receive the most up-to-date info!