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Multi Cave

About Multi Cave

In the 2 dimensional world of the game, you need to control a ball by using the grappling hooks present on the ceilings and walls of the caves. If you love physics then you can have fun while playing the game because it is based on physics.

The cave is designed in the shape of a maze and to survive, you must grapple a hook. To get ahead of other players you can also use weapons and bombs. There are different game modes like an obstacle course, jump through hoops, zombie survival. The game aims to beat other players to become the best in the world.

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How to Play Multi Cave 

  • The mouse is used to grapple the hooks.
  • After aiming at a hook don’t let go of your mouse. Hold the button of the mouse to hold the hook so that you can pull up to the ceiling or the walls.
  • You can improve your skills with practice. The improved skill set could get through tough levels and also avoid the obstacles present in your path.