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About Exploder.io

It is one of those classic multiplayer games designed with the help of pixel art. You will be dropped in the arena as a Bomberman. The gaming arena is designed in the shape of a maze and a player needs to fight other players along with the monsters.

Collect the existing power-ups in the game and increase your power, while increasing the chance of winning. The game is easy to start, but on the other hand, you will require a lot of time to understand the strategies in the game. You can also choose to play the game on a smaller map to increase the game intensity.

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How to Play Exploder.io

  • The game can be played on a mobile phone as well as on a desktop or a laptop.
  • Use W, A, S, and D keys or all the arrow keys to move in the game and to plant a bomb at a place using the spacebar.
  • Swipe on the mobile screen and hold the finger in the direction in which you want to move.
  • Tap on the bomb button to plant a bomb anywhere in the arena.
  • There are two modes, one is a portrait and the other one is landscape. You can play in either one of the modes according to your choice and comfort.