Call of War : World War II



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About Call of War: World War II

Call of War: World War 2 is an online game where you have to play a character of a particular country during the period of world war II. You have to form a lot of strategies to get success in the war. The players need to choose whether they want to join either the Allied power or the Axis power.

Plan about the attacks, types of armor that you want to buy and how much do you want to invest in one particular force. It is all about managing your resources. Every country has its resources. You can either play attacking to dominate the whole world or you can choose a defensive strategy to protect what you have. Furthermore, the exciting part is to search for secret weapons in the game. Are you ready to take the challenge?

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How to Play Call of War: World War 2

  • You need to use your mouse to navigate among all the menu options.
  • Use the mouse for troop formation and to decide where to attack the battlefield.
  • To win the game you need to reach a total of 60% victory points and to possess powerful secret weapons based on nuclear technology.